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     There's more than meets the eye when designing a Wisconsin Home Ranch. We offer true custom layouts that are multi-dimensional, breaking the mold from the typical rectangular image. This freedom to think outside the “box” can maximize convenience while fusing modernist ideas and styles with notions of the American Western period—creating a beautiful home that will fit any lifestyle.

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Popular Floor Plans

ranch - 1611

28' x 60' 1680 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 1625

28' x 68' 1904 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 2225

28' x 56' 1568 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 2330

28' x 64' 1792 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 2340

28' x 60' 1680 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 4810

42' x 48' 2016 Sq. Ft.

ranch - 4830

42' x 68' 2856 Sq. Ft.

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     Established in 2007, Nor-Fab System Built Homes has helped our northwestern Ontario communities find affordable housing. We offer an alternative option to traditional stick built construction. We offer a wide variety of pre-designed, as well as, custom floor plans. Nor-Fab does not settle until you're happy with your home.

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