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Office Buildings & Apartments:

     Nor-Fab System Built Homes can offer a variety of commercial quality pre-fab units. Varying from simple 2 suite duplex single wide's, to large scale multi-sectional office buildings. Below are just a few examples of what we can offer individuals, your community or your company.


Q20063ML 16x76 Blackline (Redesign)_page-0001.jpg

4 Suite apartment

Q20099IS 16x74 Isolation (4 standard rooms) Black Line-page-001.jpg

3 Suite apartment

Q20223IS 16x56 Isolation Black Line_page-000111.jpg

3 Suite apartment + utility

Q21115IS 14x70 Nor-Fab Isolation Suite Black Line_page-0001.jpg

4 PLEX apartment

Z Q20058ML 32x76 Fourplex Blackline (Electric)_page-0001.jpg

Portable "School"

Q20095ML 24x70 School Black Line_page-0001.jpg

Office Building #1

16' wide office building_page-0001.jpg

Office Building #2

Q20151ML 16x74 (3 Offices + Board Room Door)_page-0001.jpg
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