Chalet Series

     The first impression you have when you step inside a Chalet is one of continuity between the outside surroundings and the inside of your home. With grace and style, the front walls of the loft are mostly glass allowing the outdoors to seamlessly enter your living area, providing a sense of natural harmony. Nature’s inspiration will act as a muse, giving you ideas for designs that will transform your dreams into a reality. The Chalet is truly an inspiration—both inside and out.

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Popular Floor Plans

chalet - 4710

Main Floor

28' x 44' 1232 Sq. Ft.

upper Floor

28' x 44' 409 Sq. Ft.

Chalet - 4725

Main Floor

28' x 52' 1400 Sq. Ft.

upper Floor

28' x 52' 627 Sq. Ft.

Chalet - 4735

Main Floor

28' x 44' 1232 Sq. Ft.

upper Floor

28' x 44' 793 Sq. Ft.

Chalet - 4750

Main Floor

48' x 68' 2377 Sq. Ft.

upper Floor

48' x 68' 1353 Sq. Ft.

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